Bougainville Referendum Commission tweets about referendum delay

Almost two weeks after Bougainville Times and other media reported on the possible delay to the Bougainville Referendum, the Bougainville Referendum Commission has tweeted about a potential delay to the referendum.

Bougainville referendum delay

This follows a July 6 Tweet by the Bougainville Referendum Commission to Bougainville Times stating that “The BRC continues to work diligently to the current dates provided”.

Bougainville referendum delay

Bougainville Times has contacted the Bougainville Referendum Commission for clarification and comment on four separate occasions and the Bougainville Referendum Commission has failed to respond.

The questions that Bougainville Times now has for the BRC are as follows:

  1. What are the exact reasons for requesting a delay to the referendum?
  2. Has this decision been taken by the BRC Chairman or has it been subject to a formal vote by all of the Commissioners?
  3. Can you publish minutes of the BRC meetings to show the discussions on this matter and to show the results of voting by the individual Commissioners?
  4. Who has the BRC consulted in making the decision to delay the referendum?
  5. Has the Commission received any formal updates on the risk that a delay to the referendum is likely to cause local or regional instability?
  6. Clearly the decision to request a delay to the referendum was made at least two weeks ago. Why has it taken this long to issue an update and why have there been no formal statements by the BRC?

The Bougainville Referendum Commission can respond to the Bougainville Time’s questions at